Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Computer Fixed!
Just sitting on the couch praising my genius of a husband who was able to fix our computer this evening. So much to catch up on. Lots of photos to upload and share. The writer in me feels at a loss when I don't write. Disconnected. Behind.
Land getting ready to be cleared. One and a half of the total five acres. 
Finished a children's book. As the homeschool community grows leaps and bounds nationwide, there is a need for fictional homeschool children's books and I'm praying for a good agent, that my query letter will attract representation and that if it ever gets published, that my illustrator meets my standards (while going with an agent who will do a large amount of work for me, I don't get to choose my illustrator and that makes me nervous). Also praying about another book where words continue to inspire and pry through my brain at random times in which I must find a piece of paper to jot them down.
Reading lots of Ruth Beechick books lately. I have quite the treat for a future post regarding her work and a sweet follower of hers who is truly inspiring, but with a sad twist at the end.
Studying Acts for the 20th time, trying to wrap my head around some things. So many questions about Scripture, history and translations. Entertained the thought of some seminary classes, but this season of life may not allow for it.
After over a year of researching and saving, we bought a Country Grain Mill (hand crank style) in which we're excited to begin milling wheat berries. Wheat, once it's ground, looses it's nutrition within just a day or so. So, if you're still pushing your kids to eat the "brown bread" from the grocery store, stop. The same nutrition is pretty much in the cheap, white stuff.
We also came across a treadle sewing machine awhile ago and while I was very excited to get it home and begin sewing, somehow, we must have hit a bump on the way home and lost a piece. I was devastated. I can still sew with it, but I have one more problem to overcome...threading the bobbin. There aren't any You Tube videos on how to thread an 1889 Singer Treadle machine, wouldn't ya know.
Been pondering on the thought of gods in life. How whatever takes precedence over God Himself, has the potential to become a god, meaning ANYTHING. Even positive things like food. Was talking with a sweet co-op customer, turned friend about this. Food can become a god when focused on it too much. Here's the crazy flipside to this though...
Food wouldn't have to be a god if it would've stayed the way God created it.
As time has gone on, history has made itself into it's own beast where Christians have debated over topics for thousands of years. This goes for so many things. My husband says I'm too analytical and I believe him. Ha!
A new year of learning has begun and although my type A personality has often got me frustrated in keeping on schedule, now that there are six of us bobbing around here during the day, there are always interruptions. We're been creative in how we've been getting our schoolwork completed and it's been working great. Some days are easier than others, but I would never trade my days spent with our kids. Feeling so blessed to be with them during the day, answering their questions, teaching them about the Lord no matter what the subject and allowing the Lord to lead me as I shepherd their hearts.
I think we're officially up to 8-9 loads of laundry a week. The clothesline has been calling my name, but with our afternoon tropical showers this summer, the only clothing seeing our clothesline have been cloth diapers. I'll never regret cloth diapering. Never. We've saved so much money, especially since we always seem to have two in diapers. It's all about the SYSTEM, I tell ya. A sweet friend shared with me how to make pre-folds out of old t-shirts...she's genius. Super easy. I must share sometime. Some have said that we must have a high water bill from so many washes. I had to think about that, but after crunching numbers, we still save a ton. And I always have diapers on hand meaning no last minute store runs cause we're out. It's been such a blessing.
Painting in the RV...cream makes such a large difference and makes the 300 square feet appear a bit bigger. Hey, every bit helps when you're livin' "tiny".   :)
Our milk co-op is really expanding with lots of new customers. Customers returning. Customers we haven't seen in awhile and miss. Always a blessing to catch up with sweet friends, old and new alike. Looking forward to handing out some free seedlings soon to them.
As Titus has been having quite normal bedtimes lately (he's 4 months), Rob and I have enjoyed having our evenings back, just chatting about our day and catching up. Such a blessing of a time as the littles are sound asleep in their beds and the day is coming to a close. I've always told him we absolutely HAVE to have a porch swing at the new house. Just something to sit on, sip cold, sweet tea and chat as we gaze at the stars in the evenings.
The entire Bates family has bikes now (some owned and some borrowed) and family bike rides in the evenings have been really fun.
Glad to have this blog back as my outlet and recollection of our endeavors, although this could be seen as quite the boring post with ZERO pictures. Will have to remedy that!  
To think that August is almost to a close and fall is peeking itself around the corner is exciting. I'm never one to rush the seasons in life (it just happens too fast!), but I do get a bit giddy when fall approaches. My favorite time of year.
Blessings and Hugs!

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Jana said...

Good to have you back blogging! Sounds like you're busy as ever! Love this "season" of life as well and fall is also my favorite! Noticing the cooler mornings as I am up early with a teenager for gospel teaching class! Makes me happy! :)