Monday, September 30, 2013

Being 8 Is Great!
So, our oldest child is officially eight now. This past Saturday night, we turned our backyard into a fall harvest festival with games, a campfire, apple bobbing, food, bluegrass music and sweet friends and family.

I must say that I never thought we'd get here and by "here", I mean a place in which I have bigger helpers. This summer, Avonlea and Lincoln participated in a music camp at church (their first) and it was those mornings in which they were away (such a weird feeling indeed!) when I not only missed them, but realized just how much I depend on them during our days together.
We've always had "littles" (our children are all about 2 years apart), and although I still think of Avonlea as a young child, we're slowly growing out of that stage of JUST littles. I've always looked at larger families who have older children and without trying to wish away our little years (oh, how I cherish them so), I think to myself, "We'll be there someday, where I'm not the only person tying the shoes, entertaining a baby, tidying up the bathroom and doing all the laundry myself."

I always think of my kids' birth stories on their birthdays (ironic, huh?) and I'll always remember Avy's very vividly, especially since it was my firstborn child.

Birth the way God intended wasn't going well and an emergency C-section was the result. I remember after they brought her to me, I was so relieved to have her out and all I could do was think about snuggling with her...finally.

Rob and I had been up for a full day and he fell asleep on the cold, tile, hospital floor (I'm not kidding) and I recovered in a room where it was all I could do to stay awake. I nursed her for the first time and remember thanking the Lord that she was okay. We were both going to be fine.

She was our only baby to sleep through the night at 8 weeks old (Titus came a close second place). She was our only child to be cared for by someone other than Mommy (my sweet friend from church who stayed at home as I was still teaching middle school). She's our firstborn which means her scrapbook is more full than any other child. She has more pictures taken of her and she was our guinea pig of a child as we learned how (and are still daily learning how) to parent.

She's best friends with her sister (currently 4 years old) and even though the two girls share a room and a bunk bed, they prefer sleeping together on the bottom bunk. They can be found every night coloring together until "lights out", giggling and sharing secrets that only sisters share. {heart}

She's an amazing helper around the house, loves to nurture little ones and loves to learn. My most precious time with her is while we're doing "Personal Development" together reading our Bibles and using For Instructions in Righteousness or Polished Cornerstones. There's something about watching  a child grow spiritually, watching them walk with the Lord and discovering who God is and how He's moulding and shaping him/her.
She loves talking about what she wants to be as she gets older (a mother and a farmer) and how she wants to adopt lots of children someday and love them.

I see so much of Rob in her as she's an audible learner as well as a hard worker. I see so much of me in her as she loves being organized (but can throw everything out the window in a moment's notice), is an "all or nothing" girl and loves to nurture little ones, plants and animals. She loves the Lord and I so cherish our discussions about who God is and His plan for her life. Her spiritual gifts are blossoming and I wouldn't trade the world for my sweet girl.
Lately, she's really taken to watercolor painting and we love talking about our favorite artists (Mary Cassat who is known for her beautiful, life-like pictures of mothers and children and Monet who loved drawing nature).

You are a blessing to our lives Avonlea Charlotte and I pray that the Lord would use you in ways you never dreamed to bring Glory to Him!
Happy Birthday Kiddo!

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Jana said...

It is amazing how fast they do grow up! I see my own sweet 9 year old daughter and all she is capable of and does and I wonder some days how we got here so fast?! And I agree, there is nothing better than seeing a child learn and grow in The Lord!