Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Week Before the Big Day

I don't know about you, but whenever our household is about to add a new addition, many things get put on hold so that cleaning, last minute projects, some "fun days", one-on-one time and baby shopping can get done. The week before Ty arrived, that's just what this family was up to.
We've taken the past two weeks off to...
catch grasshoppers on the church playground, read about what they eat and observe them.
We love this book and use it quite frequently. It doesn't have a section on grasshoppers per se, but it does have a section on crickets which is what we used to apply to our grasshopper's diet and habitat.
I was able to finish up a baby quilt for some sweet friends who just adopted a precious baby boy from Ethiopia.
I used Pellon to trace and cut out the country of Ethiopia, ironed it on and hand stitched around it.
Stocking up on groceries the day before "D-day". I have such great helpers!!!
Isaac gets our light bags for us.
Norah is our paper towel and toilet paper girl.
I knew that going to the local pool might be put on hold for awhile. Nothing a $15.00 Toys R Us pool and some water guns can't fix to hold us over for awhile.  :)
I've been really trying to concentrate on chore training the past few weeks, making sure the kids are obedient (right away with a good attitude...the goal anyway) in doing the chores and thorough to the end. We've been spoiled having Daddy home the first week and Grandma here the second that I think they may have forgotten a few things. :)  Next week, we're on our own though so we'll get back on track.

I recently read an article in Home School Enrichment magazine that talked about delegating chores to children. Sometimes we as moms think we have to handle it all, that they won't be able to do a load of dishes, change over the laundry, etc., but they're so much more capable than we give them credit for and it's such a good lesson on diligence. Even if you're not a homeschooler, the magazine is such a great tool to use as a family. Try it out!

I've been a busy bee sewing quilts for others and I finally was able to finish the one I've been working on for Rob's and my bed. This picture doesn't do it justice since the baby's basket is covering most of it, but it's what I have for now. I did a simplistic (cause that's how I roll these days!) 6-inch square cut for our Queen size bed. I used "Warm and Natural" batting and it turned out so well. It's so soft and not too hot since we live in a warm climate. I'm slowly working on two pillow shams and having never done them before, it's taking longer than anticipated, but it's definitely fun to do when I have some time to myself.


Jana said...

Beautiful job on the quilts!

Rachel E. said...

It sounds like you had a great transition into the addition of another child. You have wonderful helpers and you planned ahead.

I'm so close, I know we need to start planning a bit more.