Thursday, December 20, 2012

My heart fell in love all over again this morning as I watched our baby BOY flip flop around on the ultrasound screen. He's quite the thumb sucker already (Hooray for self-soothing babies...the BEST sleepers) and has very looooonnnnggg legs, according to what the technician said. He had no problem showing us what gender he was.
 Honestly, I was a bit surprised. We all were. We thought for sure we would carry on the line of girl, boy, girl, boy, GIRL. God wanted this precious little one to be a boy and we're already giddy thinking of some strong, manly names for him.
I have to admit, lately I've been oohing and ahhing over anything baby pink, going through the girls' old baby clothes, quilts and oh-so-cute shoes. I was looking forward to having someone to dress up again. I also had a girl name I was in love with (a few even). However, the Lord knows best and as I watched this little man doin' his thing on the screen today, my heart melted again and he already has a place in our family. I know that he and Isaac will be close buddies (especially because they won't be quite two years apart). All of the kids were excited except for Norah who wanted a sister. Poor girl. Maybe I'll hold on to the pink clothes and girly name. Who knows. {wink, wink}   :) 


Blessed Mom said...

aww! I had my ultrasound this morning too! What a coincidence! Turns out we are having a little girl! And this is our 5th as well! We are following a pattern...we have boy, girl, girl, boy, and now another girl! How exciting! Blessings and a Merry Christmas to your family!


Rachel E. said...

Congrats! Perhaps you could rub some of the boy luck on us. We have number six on the way and we already have four girls. :) Hubby thinks it's another girl. I told him it is a boy. We will see.