Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happenings Around Here...
I admit to being quite the bad blogger recently. {Ug.}
Weird too because we're not really the "busy type". I've been taking some great photos lately to share, but apparently while downloading them onto the computer, it decided to grow a mind of its own. Go figure. So that is why all of the photos I wanted to share will not be making their appearance until my amazing "techy" husband will help me figure this out. {hint, hint sweetie}
Lately we've...
had a chicken loose in the neighborhood
had some nice rain
been watching this movie at night together
been baking
been watching our shower be demolished and rebuilt
been enjoying some of the produce out of our garden...we tried a purple pole bean this year (can't remember the name of it for the life of me) and they are so juicy. The kids just go out and eat them as snacks. Lots of lettuce (Red Sails and Buttercrunch...yum), cucumbers got too many aphids on them and so the plants shriveled and died, onions are doing amazing, hoping to get some peas and carrots soon.
been winding down school work to take a break until after the New Year
discovered we have a rooster...he's absolutely beautiful and hilarious to watch, but we didn't purposefully order him with this flock. I guess it was meant to be. We'll keep him as long as he doesn't become aggressive with the kids to the point where they won't feed them or collect eggs (which I'm praying will start any day  now that they've turned six months old...whoo-hoo!).
Lately I've...
been quilting...wondering if I can pull off a few more before Christmas. I made one (minus backing and stippling mind you) in two days.
felt baby flutters that are oh, so sweet
started a new Bible study binder you can find here
been reading too many books
been dreaming of properties
started watching these history movies with my hubby (by David Barton)
been reevaluating how we're let our character in the home slip and we need to get refocused on immediate obedience with a good attitude {smile}
not started Christmas shopping and it's already the twelfth!
been wishing my attitude for our garden was better...I could be growing SO much more, but the more I think of moving, the more lax I become at doing anything out there, especially soil building which takes the most time and we can't take our soil with us as we move, although I have to admit the thought as crossed my mind. I pretty much threw some seeds in the ground in October and whatever grew, grew.
not done Christmas cards for 2 years whereas the prior years we went all out with a family photo and a whole updated letter. I guess once you hit four children, you let certain things go even though it pains you.  :)
been sketching out more and more productive permaculture designs on paper
 (with Bill Mollison's book as a guide...Avonlea got inspired last week to create her own permaculture poster board with a complete working farm. I took a picture of it, so when I get this problem fixed, I'll post. It's really cute.)
been craving doing oil painting. Done some research and want to graduate from watercolor to oil. My grandfather was an amazing oil artist and I drool at his work. He's gone now, but his pictures always remind me of him.

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Abigail said...

Does sound like you guys are busy. I understand the getting lax with the thought of moving. I've been in the process of moving for 4 years now. This summer I finally kicked it and said oh well, if we move then someone else can be motivated to do the garden. But with number 5 on the way I'm sure you are mighty busy. Just found out my brother is expecting number 5 too.