Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RV Renovations: The Beginning
I hesitate to share this just yet, but as per request from a sweet friend, I'll just do the renovation posts in steps as we go. For those just now jumping in, our family recently ( a few months ago) purchased an RV.We had thought about building a temporary home (such as this) as we build, but an RV gives our homeschooling family a chance to travel and learn about our country (eventually...right now, we've stuck to local camping trips) and take our home on wheels.
Our family has been working very hard at getting out of the debt we had and praying we can get to a point where we're living out of our RV on a purchased piece of property (preferably 20 + acres with a fresh water source, good grass, old shade trees) while we set up our full-working, sustainable farm and build our home from the ground up, DEBT-FREE and monthly-bill-friendly. We got to a point two years ago where we realized we didn't want to live to work, but work to live (you know the drill, work the 8-6 everyday only to pay the bills, get up and do it all over again), supplying more of our food needs, home educating and not relying on the government or a "system" to supply our every need. What started out as a dream has slowly (weaning is key with large lifestyle changes...cold turkey can be dangerous and prone to failure) become a reality through much prayer and searching for what God Almighty wants to use our family for.

Okay, so here's the RV and our renovation steps as we look to make it like a home...
Step #1:
 We don't have a large budget for renovating our behemoth, so I have to really think "thrifty" on this one. Here are two magazines and one book that I'm using, the one on the right being my absolute favorite with tons of DIY, cheap but adorable ideas on how to spruce things up. My style is vintage country. {luv}
 I have a section for "moving" in my Home Management Binder where I keep notes for the RV renovations, as well as house building notes. I kept my nifty IKEA catalog handy for space-saving ideas.
 Here is the dining room "before" photo. Don't you love the border? :)
 Rob and Isaac to the rescue with some power tools and muscles!
 ...going, going, GONE!

I'm on the hunt for a fun, old table and some mismatching chairs. I'm going to put a bookshelf on the small wall with the small window.
 We took out all of the nifty, brown valances throughout the RV and I'm on the hunt for some fun curtains. I found some great fabric the other day, but it will be more costly to make them. Coupons...I'm on the hunt for you. :)

Plan B...IKEA has some fun curtains here we're considering.

walls are primed

little helpers

...still helping...

...and still helping.

Living/Dining Room walls are painted

Lovin' the new color. We chose a light blue so that it would open the space up a bit. We'll be accenting with reds and blacks mostly. I found some really cute photos here...
The next step is to finish up the bathroom (same blue color) and paint the kids' room a fun green. We'll be painting our room, but unsure of the color as of right now. Stay tuned for future RV renovations here at Vine Living.


Rachel E. said...

I can't wait to see the end result! Sounds so exciting!

Abigail said...

Love the color. What a great color to open the place up!

Mark and Kimmy said...

That is beautiful! I love that you are making it your own. I can't wait to read more. Your family is darling.
Love Kimmy

Dobson Family said...

Thanks for sharing! I LOVE seeing your projects. Isn't it amazing how our lives change as we grow! We are also working our way out of debt, little by little. It does take a lot of prayer and patience. I just have to remember that where I want us to be is not necessarily where God wants us to be :-) What wonderful helpers you have...such an adorable family!