Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome To the New Blog!

It's been a crazy few weeks in our household. (Deep breath.) As you've noticed, I've been tweaking and changing around a few things around here. I've been weeding out links and sites that I don't frequent enough. I've been simplifying things to make this blog a place to read, relax and help you find what you're looking for. It hasn't been easy as our home computer broke last week and I've been without internet for a week (we choose to not have internet on our cell phones). It's amazing the things I've been able to get done! We've been looking at options as far as computers go and although we've always wanted to have a stationary computer out in the living room for all to use, we decided on a laptop, a decision we've thought about for a year now.

So, as I sit here on our comfy couch with a pillow in my lap, a cup of peppermint tea and this lovely laptop, it's a weird feeling, but it feels good to get rid of a lot of the wires.

{Some of the things we've been up to include}...

exploring, nature journaling, lots of visiting with friends, starting garden seedlings, nights out with my girls , painting,  trying new non-yeast bread recipes (still working on one sour dough recipe, but haven't figured how to get it just right), talking about homeschool co-ops this year (so excited to see old and new friends), getting our school year academics ready, trips to the farm, milking cows and learning a TON, visiting with our "Molly-Moo",

looking at paint samples and curtain fabric for the RV (getting ready to gut some things, paint and make it look like a home), thanking the Lord for our abundance of rain as other parts of the country are begging God for rain, thinking about God's plan for our family size and what the Bible says about it, the ups and downs of running a co-op, lovin' on four, sweet kiddos, talking about future plans, talking about how amazing God's specific, detailed timing is, talking about how incredible our best friends are and so thankful for them and their love for Jesus, crying over lost photos, videos and documents on our old computer (oh, how I wish I would have backed them up), talking about where our country is headed, where the
food SYSTEM is headed, where our education SYSTEM is headed, where future generations of our children are headed under our country's leadership (oy), late nights washing milking buckets, learning about new milking techniques and equipment, reading in Genesis about Joseph and how the Lord brought him from a slave to practically being in charge of all Egypt and their food through a time of blessing and a time of famine, thinking about our country and all of the families out there hurting for simple groceries and how we can help educate others about how simple it is to grow some basic lettuce, tomatoes, cukes and pole beans for just a few dollars, wondering if anyone out there really even cares or just wants to continue their dependence on the government (and believe the lies that the government will always take care of their needs), wondering how this presidential election will pan out especially now that we have VP candidate Paul Ryan (there's so many things I like about him as a leader), practicing BB gun shooting at the farm and in our backyard (look out squirrels!)...

and the list goes on!

A sweet blogger friend has been helping me revamp this blog and although I may not be 100% finished, it's pretty much done. Don't be surprised if you find a tweak here or there in the next week.
I do hope you enjoy the new "look". I know it has been a real blessing to me and I pray that I may continue to bless others by sharing what we've learned thus far in our homestead successes and mistakes, homeschool learning and our growth in Jesus Christ as he leads us on a path to share Him for His glory in whatever that may be.



4 Little Men and Girly Twins said...

Loved reading this... So much of it feels familiar. :)

Dobson Family said...

I love the new look :-)

Joy Comes in the Morning said...

Love it.