Monday, July 23, 2012

The Future Of Food...{Movie}

If you eat food (which that is all of us), you should watch this movie.

Bottom line, start a garden, buy local, organic foods and order your seeds from open-pollinated, organic seed farms. The "O" word (yes, "organic") can be so misleading now-a-days. Some of the ingredients in organically processed foods are just as bad for you as other foods. READ YOUR LABELS! I've successfully taught my 6-year-old to read labels and have taught all of my children how to properly wash fruits and vegetables (if they are not organic and sprayed with chemicals/pesticides). Sometimes they'll even ask me, "Mommy, does this have bug spray on it? Do I need to wash it?" I love how at such young ages our children are learning about where food comes from and what's in it. The Genetically Modified seeds are a whole new ballgame with which we'll tackle when they're a bit older as it's hard to explain.

Anyways, watch this movie with your spouse tonight and talk about ways you can frugally make things from scratch, saving money to buy more wholesome, safe fruits and veggies. Better yet, grow your own. Get your family involved. What great work ethic, time outdoors and reaping what you sow at dinner time. Your children will be grown and gone before you know it, so influence them now and train them well. :)  

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Rachel E. said...

That was amazing! Thank you for sharing. I will definitely tell my hubby it's a much watch. He might understand my thoughts on eating healthier. :-)