Thursday, May 31, 2012

Vintage Remedies

I have so much I want to share from our recent trip to this year's FPEA Homeschool Conference held in Orlando, Florida. It was just the breath of fresh air I needed to begin a new, successful year. I learned a lot, reaffirmed my trust and excitement for a Charlotte Mason Education and was able to meet up with some great friends! I'll share more on that when I get a break from laundry, baking and cleaning up, but I wanted to share this with you all today.

I went to the workshop for Vintage Remedies and learned oh, so much! Jessie is amazing in her knowledge regarding toxins, holistic eating and health and I learned a lot about how the toxins around us (paint, wallpaper, carpet, cleaning chemicals in the home, body care, detergents, even our treated "wood" furniture, etc.) effect our children, how they think and what changes I can do in my home to help. I learned about the fumes in the average home and how toxic they are...formaldehyde in furniture's upholstery, carpet fumes, the toxins in paint (even if it's not fresh paint) and how I can place ferns and ivy (poisonous, so put those up away from little guys) around our house to absorb those toxins.

I learned about our breads and why so many people have to go "gluten free". I ordered Jessi's bread book and learned about baker's yeast and how bad it is for you. I learned that breads should take a LONG time to rise (days even) correctly without baker's yeast and am excited to try some of her recipes (bought a bag of garbanzo bean flour to try too). When I receive it in the mail and give a few recipes a try, I'll be sure to share!:)

Be sure to check out the website and support a very intelligent, homeschooling mother of four. You'll learn a lot!

Blessings this Thursday friends!

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