Monday, May 7, 2012


I know. I know. Okay, so the word PERMACULTURE is throwing you off. You were just getting comfortable reading this blog with all of the AGRICULTURAL "stuff" and now you're thinking, "Great. She's throwing this 'permaculture stuff' at me and it sounds confusing." Hold on my dear friends. Give it a sporting chance. This whole permaculture thang is awesome! Stay focused and stay with me.

I found these neato videos on You Tube and thought I'd post them here so that you can watch for yourself. Some of these are excerpts from his DVD series that our family recently bought. They're great and you can go as small or as big as you want with some of these ideas. I dare you though. Start "going small" and then you'll go BIGGER! We did. Take baby steps and do it as a family. Make sure that both hubby and wife are on board and if they're not, pray that the not-so-excited-one's heart is softened. Be creative as many of these things are free from nature or at little cost to start. Remember Joel Salatin's advice awhile back when he said to "do things that take time and not money"? LEARN more about it. There's something about the self-taught learner. Degrees look pretty on a wall with fancy signatures on them, but let me tell you, I admire a self-taught learner a lot more than a degreed one any day.

Take some time and watch these amazing videos one evening or split them up into a few evenings if you want. They're fascinating! I always find God's creation astounding and perfect in design. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time to see how the Garden of Eden really looked, how Adam and Even maintained it and what kinds of different species existed back then that we don't have today. I wonder what topsoil would have looked like back then. Oh, the topsoil must have been amazing and ABUNDANT. Ahh.

(There are 5 parts and if you don't have time to watch the first 3, I highly suggest the last 2.)

As always, I love hearing readers' stories about changes in how you view food.  If you're motivated enough to do something about it yourself, I LOVE hearing those stories even more! Please share!! I enjoy bumping ideas off one another. What fun. :)

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