Tuesday, May 15, 2012

God Is In Control

As many things seem to be "up in the air" for our family right now, we're trusting in the Lord. Rob gave me these chapters in Job the other day to remind me of God's greatness, power and ultimate control over everything here in earth and I wanted to share it with you today.

After all that Job had been through, here's what God Almighty says to him...

After all of this, Job tells the Lord that he knows He is in control. Job goes on to marry and have more children and lived 140 years, old and happy.

I also think of Moses (our children's favorite movie right now is Prince of Egypt) and how alone he must have felt, knowing the mission before him. God reminded him is His greatness though. Moses also asked to see God's glory (read HERE,Exodus 33:12-23) and God grants Moses his wish. What an amazing thing to see just a smidgen of the glory of God Himself!

God truly is in control of every detail of our lives. Pay attention and you will see Him work!

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