Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our New Home-On-Wheels
As our family continues to look for land (as we feel that this is God's calling for our family), we felt lead to purchase this new "rig". This helps us bring down the cost for when we move. A piece of land with no house is almost always cheaper than a piece of land with a home already placed on it. Thus, we have our home-on-wheels ready so that when we do find a buyer/renter for our home and we purchase our property, we will already have our temporary home. We're planning on building a home on our property and doing it ourselves to save on cost. We've looked at a variety of options and continue to research what kind of home kits/log cabins, etc. are available to build. Lots to think about, research and pray about as we look for God's will for our lives. Please keep us in your prayers and that ultimately sums it up. We want GOD'S will for our lives and not our own.

The front door

The bunk room with four bunks (one for each child). The bottom bed on the right has a large storage area for toys, blankets, etc. The closet is small, but doable. The boxes on the top of the closet are for school books and learning materials. We'll probably be using Isaac's top bunk for toys for now until he's old enough to sleep in a large bed. He'll be in our room in a pack-n-play for awhile.

Lincoln (top) and Avonlea's bunks (I'm planning on making some curtains to match the bedding)

Isaac's bunk (top...which will be moved down low when he's ready, obviously) and Norah (bottom)

Walking in from the front door...couch, table and kitchen. There's storage under the couch (which pulls out into a bed) and storage under the table seats (for school books) which also makes a bed. There's also storage above the couch for more books, supplies, etc. I have to admit, I've begun parting with school "stuff" lately and although it feels good, some things I just can't part with. We'll probably have to rent a POD on the property for extra storage. We've also decided that an air conditioned barn will be built first on the property to hold animal feed, hay, a washing machine, an extra refrigerator, kitchen for canning, dairy and farm/kitchen jobs and a storage loft.

Our bedroom (I'll be making more curtains for this room too...not crazy about the brown)

Our small dresser, tv and closet. There is storage under the bed too which is wonderful. I do love that it has tons of windows, especially in this room. It makes it feel bigger and when they're all open, the breeze is wonderful!

Itty-bitty bathroom! Looking for a cheap, colorful shower curtain. There's even a sky-light in the shower which is neat.

the pantry...not huge, but luckily there's extra storage all around the RV so we'll store back-up, non-perishable groceries in those areas.

The kitchen...gas stove, a pop-up extra counter by the sink, small oven to fit maybe two loaves of bread, but at least we have one! The fridge and freezer are also small, but again, we're hoping to get a barn built first that will have an extra large refrigerator/freezer in it.

Main living area

It has a roll-out awning and we're planning on making a screened in deck attached to it when we finally park it on the property. It will help make it more livable with extra space. There are electric hookups on the outside of the RV which will allow for a washer to be placed on the deck. We'll have to line-dry of coarse, but that's nothing new. :) (I am, however, a wee-bit nervous about line drying with rainy season officially here now in Florida.)

Extensions to help with more space. While driving, all of us will have to be in the car (only in motor homes can you be actually inside) and these nifty extensions fold in.

The new car (we call it "the school bus" appropriate, right?!) that has the capacity to pull the behemoth and sit all of us comfortably. It's 11 years old, but still looks good. :) Our Explorer has a third row and seats as many as a mini-van, but we were getting pretty cramped (it's much smaller than a minivan). This is such a blessing and the fact that there are no payments on it (they did a clean swap-out for our truck) was our main goal. God had the perfect one waiting for us at the dealership. It's very weird (and totally awesome) to have trunk room now as I used to have nothing. A huge blessing.


Rachel E. said...

Wow! What a nice RV! It is amazing how far those RV's have come in the last twenty years. My hubby and I lived in one when we first got married. It was fun to clean and be done in 10 minutes.

Ashley said...

I love it! That's awesome. Love the layout- and your bedroom looks soooo big :). We have a Fifth Wheel too. Our layout is opposite yours (with our bedroom up front and the kids in the back. Just got it last summer. We are still learning, but having fun taking it out on camping trips. If you have any questions or need suggestions please let me know! :)

I did write a quick tour on it if you are interested.

brandesfam at me dot com

Abigail said...

Your "home with a hitch", as I like to call it, looks great! You do have about the same floor space as us, but your master is much nicer with more space and windows! I actually enjoy the simpler life of camper living and the fact the family is always together. Finishing the barn first would be a great idea for extra space and the frig/freezer and stove!! Just a thought if you cook a lot of meals consider a toaster oven, We used up a lot of propane using the stove and found the toaster oven to be a life saver! Other wise, it looks great and welcome to camper living!