Friday, April 27, 2012

45 Healthy Foods to Make and Never Buy Again

Be sure to give this a visit today. With food prices soaring and the ingredients getting less and less healthy, this is a must see. Start small. Pick a few things that you want to try. Make mistakes, but keep trying. Get good at a few things and go from there adding new things every few months so you don't get overwhelmed. When you get good at a certain recipe, teach your children! Have them make it with you so that they can make it independently (lots of math skills here...pouring, measuring, adding, subtracting, etc.).

I thought the BPA in the tin cans info. was interesting. I'm an Amy's Soups addict and I was in fact eating a bowl of her lentil soup when I was reading it. I did finish the bowl of soup, but I really should get back to making our own soups. The bread is a no-brainer as we enjoy the homemade stuff SOOO much more (I can't even tell you). My husband is addicted and I have to make him bread to take to work and eat. He's converted. :)

Last thing, READ LABELS! The FDA and the USDA do not have your health at their best interest. They are out there to make MONEY. Some of the preservatives and ingredients in our American pre-packaged foods aren't even allowed in other countries' foods! That says something. I just heard today over at Organic Pastures that "raw" almonds can be labeled as "raw" in a grocery store, but they are not in fact really raw. Once again, there we go with the pasteurization of food, stripping away all the good stuff. (Ug.)

Anyway, pick a few things and happy cooking! Let me know how some of your stuff turns out. (I'd like to try the granola bars and get back into my soup making.)

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