Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Garden, 2012
I have to be honest. Our family can't take credit for the work done on our spring garden. It was a group effort. Some fellow homeschoolers and our kids get together from time to time to do science experiments, park days and other fun projects involving learning. This was one of them. Our garden was moved a few months ago to the front yard to make room for our new Jersey calf, Molly. These photos were taken awhile ago (over a month) and the video was taken a few days ago. I wanted to show the growth of the plants.

We had a blast on this day and each family took home some seeds and seedlings to plant at their homes. It was a day of fun, hard work and some nice cold drinks afterwards. We are so thankful for such sweet friends to help in the labor of our garden. Now, when they come to visit, they can admire their work and eventually, we'll be picking tomatoes!

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Rachel E. said...

Great garden! It may be small, but it's enough to give a sense of pride in growing your own goods. Yum! I look forward to gardening.