Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Thoughts
It's been such a blessing with the busyness around here lately. They've all been good things, but learning how to balance everything takes time, patience and prayer. I've essentially been a mother to two babies (Isaac and Molly). Nursing my own baby and bottle feeding a calf. Both need attention and playtime so it's not a weird sight to see me out in our backyard with Isaac in the ERGO on my back and the rest of us playing with Molly.

Our garden is in full swing as we've been harvesting Buttercrunch lettuce and our tomato plants, beans, carrots, sugar snap peas and cucumbers are all coming up nicely and will be ready to start harvesting in a month or so. Our weather has been so hot here that I'm worried the peas and carrots won't be as productive as I'd like. The tomatoes are thriving though as they love the sunshine.

The kids' schooling is going well. Lincoln has been reading for awhile now and Rob has enjoyed listening to him read his little A Beka books. He's pretty proud of himself too!

Avonlea is really enjoying her Mystery of History curriculum and learning a ton (as I am too!). One of the things that's so precious between the kids and I is just the learning we do together. As we learn about The Epic of Gilgamesh, we can talk about it and relate it to different things, comparing and contrasting throughout the day. I love how much the kids are into the biological science of how things work on our small urban farm here, learning what plants like certain weather, how chickens work, taking care of a cow and why rabbit fertilizer is fantastic for our garden.

Sweet Norah has started learning her A Beka phonics cards and she loves doing "big girl school" at the table with us from time to time. What's great is now that Lincoln and Avonlea have both been through the A Beka phonics and are reading, they can take turns teaching Norah as I work with the opposite child.

Baby Isaac is crawling around and getting into lots of fun things around here! Let's just say that our Workbox area may need to be moved as he enjoys bee-lining it to that area when he gets the chance. Of coarse notebooks, pencils and paper are much more fun to play with than any Playschool toy, right?! :) Sweet boy.

Our friends are packing this week as they ready themselves for the biggest adventure of their lives, running a full-time dairy on 26 beautiful acres. They are both nervous and excited. Please be in prayer for them. They are some of the hardest working people we know and couldn't be happier for them.

Blessings to you all this fabulous Wednesday!

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