Friday, March 16, 2012

Government Preventing Kids From Working the Family Farm...What's Next?

My parents and I have had our ups and downs growing up, but we've always had a very close relationship. We talk about everything. Nothing is off-limits. There are certain things that I think are very important in discussing with our children and as Rob and I are young parents, there are things that we always want to be an open door for discussion between us and our children. Politics is one of them. Besides their relationships with the Lord, knowing what's going on in the major decision-making of our country is the second most important thing I can think of to educate our children. Some like to stray away from politics. Some are uncomfortable with the topic. Some choose not to keep up with our country's laws and decisions and before we know it, if we all become so uninvolved, we won't be able to recognize America any longer. I don't feel as though we're on that track. I feel as if we're already there.

Mom shared this information with me recently. Thanks Mom! This is a story about the laws in place under President Obama's watch to prevent children to work on farms. I can't honestly say that I'm shocked because nothing under his administration shocks me anymore. Our country is dwindling away as we sit by and watch. I thank God everyday for the men and women continuing to fight for our country's freedoms. It's just sad that our own President doesn't.

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Rachel E. said...

Totally insane. I am with you on this. It is crazy.

Oh, I wanted to tell you. We are unable to have chickens on our property because our lot dimensions are not in compliance with the zoning ordinances. Though we have five acres, the shape of our lot is too narrow. Any pen and coop has to be 150 feet from any property line. Go figure! Another instance of government getting in there and doing damage to what the family wants.