Thursday, February 2, 2012

I think that this old Chinese Proverb sums up a large portion of my philosophy of education. Education is so simplistic, not what our boards for education and our states want us to think (as pretty much any disciplined parent could indeed educate their children). As a teacher in college, so much is based off of your three targeted types of students, audible, visual and kinesthetic (hands-on). Which brings this Proverb to life. Maybe I'll get this made into a wall saying for our living room...hmm. (smile)

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Rachel E. said...

That is how I learn. I know when my husband tells me how to get somewhere, I am lost. When he shows me on a map, I might remember, but I don't think I can find it. If I actually drive it and do it, I can get there. I just don't learn as easily as some do. I need to remember the same might be for my children.