Saturday, January 7, 2012

Random Thoughts
It's late.

Just listening to my husband play piano softly in the background (something I never tire of).

Almost midnight.

Kids are tucked in and have been sleeping since 8:00.

Nice breeze outside.

Just finished up canning spagetti sauce from tomatoes we got freshly picked today.
Only made 2 jars with about 20 tomatoes. Ug. The sauce is impeccable though!

Watched the debate tonight. Loved some of Gingrich's answers. Bold. Santorum still reigns high on my list, although I think Romney will ultimately be the one going up against Obama.

Had fun picking oranges today. Two buckets full. Got bit by fire ants. Yowsa!

Norah wore her ballet leotard and fluffy skirt (complete with shoes) all day today. Can't get it off her, sweet thing!

Rob and I are still dreaming of land. Saw some neat properties today, but nothing that meets my criteria. I'm picky. :) Looked at some houses online as well.

Drank a Coke today, hence why my brain is WIRED and I can't sleep.

Chatted with Jacque yesterday. Praying as they get ready to take over the dairy. So much to do.

Listened to our 6-year-old daughter beg her daddy for a baby goat today. (It's never ending.) We'll see if he caves. We'll see if I cave.

Learning so much in our small group study...Hebrew and Greek translations of the Bible. The more I learn about our Bible, it's history and my Heavenly Father, the more I realize how much I don't know.

Same with gardening. The more I learn about it, the more I realize I don't know as much as I thought I knew (did you follow that?).

Looking into a gardening workshop in a few weeks. Hoping Mom and Dad can watch the kiddos for us so we can attend. Supoosed to be a 3 hour training session on organic farming practices. Super excited.

I need a "new look" complete with new hair-do. Any suggestions? My hair always thins after having babies. It comes back, but in the meantime, I need a change. Hmm.

Been organizing our family's homeschool Scope and Sequence binder lately. Glad to have that under-ropes.

Workboxes have been working well as the kids have been doing SO much more school with them, and independently I might add. I've re-read Sue Patrick's book and brushed up a bit on using the workboxes. Lending it to Jacque so she can get her kids on it too.

Getting lots more eggs now. Loving the new coop layout.

Frustrated at our gardening situation with all our shade trees. They keep growing, allowing for less and less space for the sun to shine through to the backyard. If I don't get in our spring seeds soon, we won't have a spring garden (and a fall garden is now out of the question from now on unless we plant in our front yard or take out some serious trees!). Anyone know a good, CHEAP arborist? If it's going to cost us hundreds of dollars to cut down trees (trees that I do like, just not over my garden), then it's not worth it having them cut down to grow vegetables. We'd be paying more for the tree-cutting. {sigh}

Revamped my Home Management Binder using some of
Quinn's sample pages as well as adding a bunch of my own. It's amazing how much more oranized I am with a HMB (Home Management Binder) vs. not having one. I do have a list of things I want to share in future posts, that being one of them.

Funny how time is so limited with four little guys running around. Even though I get selfish and want "Me Time", I think of how that can become such an idol in our lives as moms and I quickly dismiss those ideas and enjoy the time I have as my kids are so little. I know I'll crave these moments as they're older and I'll miss the "Mom, watch this!" and "Will you read me a story?" and "Can we snuggle?" moments. I guess that's why I've become such a night owl lately. Isaac and the big kids go to sleep between 7:00 and 8:00, so that evening time is used to get things done that I didn't have time for during the day as I'm teaching them, reading with them, talking with them and growing them. Precious times.

Well, it's off to bed for this lady. I sincerely wish you all a wonderful, worshipful Sunday tomorrow...ahem...I mean, today! (Whew. I really need to get to bed.)


Joy Comes in the Morning said...

Sounds like you have a very busy and very blessed life.

Matthew and Valerie said...

Where's the picture of Norah in her ballet outfit? :)

I would love more snuggle moments and less "let's read the same book over and over and over" moments. But I am thankful that Robbie is a reader.