Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Blessing of Sue Patrick's Workbox System
We've been using this system for a few weeks now and if you haven't heard me say what a blessing it is, I'll say it again, "What a blessing!" We get so much more done in our day which leaves us time for other fun things. For instance, we've gotten caught up with our schoolwork for this week and today we'll be doing some fun hands-on gardening activities with toilet paper rolls (Sound like fun? It is!). We'll be planting some seedlings. More on that fun task later. Anyway, it was really late when I shot this video, but I always love gleaning from others on how they "do school" so hopefully, those ideas will be of help to those wanting an easier plan of getting more done with multiple little guys. :) Have a BLESSED Thursday all!

1 comment:

Rachel E. said...

Looks like such a great idea. I am seriously considering the use of workboxes when we get moved.