Monday, September 12, 2011

It's that time again. Well, actually it was that time a few weeks ago, but I'm just that late at getting my blog updated. Ug. Anyway, our family (Isaac and all) took a trip over to the farm where we buy our milk and we picked up some free manure from Mr. Lambert's manure pile. No, my kids weren't just playing in poop. The manure is a mixture of pine shavings and composted manure, meaning it's had time to mix with grass, leaves, dirt, the shavings, etc. It actually smells very earthy and is incredible for your vegetable garden. So, we stocked up by loading our truck and heading back home. The kids got to visit with the animals and the people that run the farm. A hot, but fun day!
Lincoln was a great helper. I've always heard the saying that farm kids are very hard workers and we sincerly hope that that's true for our children as they get older...that they'll know the true meaning of hard work and not be afraid to "get a little life on them" (as Danny Gokey says in his song "Get a Little Life on 'Ya".)
Norah had fun trying out the wheel barrow.
Avonlea mostly posed for pictures and talked (because she's not a social butterfly or her mother!) to Mr. Lambert, Mrs. Lambert and their hired hands.
A girl and her PINK boots. :)
Norah looking on as Dixie Lee gets milked. Dixie is a beautiful Jersey cow who is sweet and gives off great milk.
We got back home, mixed in the manure and were able to get up our more sturdy trellises.
Last year we used nylon, but our viners just weighed them down. After our series of storms this spring, some trellises broke and we decided that wire would be best from now on.
For some reason, Lincoln LOVES cucumbers and only likes to eat them whole.
Sweet Norah
Just about 90 degrees.
Rob making sure everything is properly fastened down.
...and that's a wrap.

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momof4sweetsisters said...

When do you all plan on planting? I'm totally ready but have been holding off for the weather to "cool" down a bit. We need more compost!