Monday, August 15, 2011

When A "Bug" Hits Your House
I definitely consider it a blessing our kids haven't been sick in so long, but I guess we were "due" a few weeks ago when they came down with a virus. Lots of shakes with Echinacea, plenty of water and baths with Epsom salts and Castor oil (for hydration) helped us get through. We did wind up giving a bit of Tylenol to Norah (who had it the worst), but no antibiotics (remember that antibiotics kill off all the good stuff that help you fight things off) were necessary and we pulled right through. I also felt blessed that Issac and I were able to sail by without getting it.
(Thank you Lord.)

Movie Time on the couch

Sweet Avonlea with her pillow pet and bunny
Poor Norah had it the worst, but got through it within about 4 days.
I took 4-6 of these each day and was able to pass up the lovely bug.
I also added Echinacea to shakes with lots of elderberry, Vitamin D and blueberries. They were a hit with the kids as well as myself.


Rachel E. said...

Poor little is always so horrible to see the little ones get sick. Yet, so wonderful when the momma isn't sick. It makes it even more difficult to care for them.

Matthew and Valerie said...

Glad everyone is feeling better and you and Isaac didn't have to go through it.