Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Random Thoughts
So excited that Isaac slept from 11:00p.m. to 5:30 a.m. last night. Can I get an "amen!"?

Can't believe he'll be a month old tomorrow!
Norah is using the potty really well now.
Thinking about starting cloth diapers with Isaac as the cost of newborn diapers is rediculous, even with coupons.
Was worried about Norah accepting Isaac as part of our family, but the hitting (yes, I had to watch her as sometimes she would gently hit him) has officially ended. Thank goodness.
Currently listening to my kids make clubhouses out of their bunk beds using lots of blankets.;)
Officially cutting out the comfort food, cleaned out our pantry and fridge, and getting back to eating well.
Wondering why Blogger has been giving me trouble the past month. Anyone else having problems highlighting, posting and putting things into certain fonts?
Decided to push back our first day of school until after September starts.
Even though there are stressful times in the day, I'm so grateful for some amazing Titus 2 Blogger friends who have given some wonderful and helpful advice on raising lots of
little ones. "Enjoy every minute", "Take your time", "Don't feel like you have to 'do it all' ",
and "Trust the Lord".
Sometimes, (just being honest) I often dream about having more space...what's that Dixie Chicks song? "Wide Open Spaces"...not worrying about my kids running into the street, having a more sustainable lifestyle, having my husband around more instead of a 9 to 5 everyday (although GRATEFUL he has a good job!) and growing good, wholesome food the way it's supposed to be grown, husbandry style. Wondering if it will ever happen? Is it in God's will? Will I have the patience and understanding if it isn't His will? Wondering how to pray about this, although I know that my Lord knows my true heart.
Recently decided I wanted to grow hemp, but once I found out it derives from Marijuana plants, that idea got tossed out the window. {big smile}
Love the innocence of my children.
Isaac just went through his first growth spurt...nursing every hour for 1 1/2 days, but he's been sleeping all day today.
Currently enjoying some amazing Amy's Blackbean and Vegetable soup along with a pear and some sweet iced tea. Yummo!
Wanting to do a post on "Pruning" as I see so many friends and family being pruned right now...families splitting up, babies being born, babies struggling to survive, people moving and taking chances, people angry at government, America's current debt situation (thank goodness the bill passed today, although still a bit skeptical as to the details), missionaries coming back home, missionaries going out into the unknown, many struggling financially, blending families, young mothers praying for guidance and so much more.
Thankful for God's never-ending grace and love as He shepherds me through this crazy, wonderful thing called life.


MamaBear said...

My daughter is two days older than your little sweetie and I can't recommend the company I used for newborn diapers enough! thegreenbabystore.com rented me 25 newborn diapers for only $10 a week! The owner is so helpful and the diapers were top quality!

Rachel E. said...

Now that's putting thoughts down, isn't it?

My two year old still hasn't stopped trying to hurt the baby. I am not sure how to get her to stop. I keep explaining to her it isn't acceptable to hurt her and it makes Jesus sad. She tries to sneak in little things. She also doesn't understand what is acceptable and not. For instance, just this evening, the baby backed up until near the dining room table. Alexandra thought it would be helpful to drag her by the arm back the the living room. (Don't worry, I stopped her before it started.)

Kids are crazy. If they didn't keep us on our toes, they'd step on them.