Thursday, August 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

Ahh...Thursday. It's quiet time in our home. It's peaceful. It's quiet. Just sitting down...thinking to myself.

Thankful for playdates with friends.

Enjoyed baking cookies with my girls this morning.

Wondering how this presidential race is going to pan out...we'll see if Rick Perry surpasses Romney and Bachman in polls as frontrunners. Not quite sure who I like best just yet. Just enjoying the debates that have started. I'm thinking (my my prediction) that since Obama has nothing positive to run on for his campaign slogan, he'll wait until the last minute to paint his opponent as a conservative "nutcase". If the other party is in fact a Christian (as many of them proclaim to be...praise God, there may be hope!), he'll turn to books he/she has authored and bring out the most controversial topics. Ahem. We won't mention the question asked to Bachman in the first debate about her being sumissive to her husband should she win the election. {sigh} I do think she answered perfectly though. Wondering if Paul Ryan will run.

I love sweet potatoes (currently eating one for my lunch)! Wish I would have tried them in the garden this year.

I'm awaiting some interesting books I splurged on this month. Can't wait to read them.

Looking forward to starting school with the kiddos, being back into a routine, starting up co-ops, mom's groups, etc.

Avonlea is starting a ballet class this year and it's run by a lady who loves Jesus. Her students wear very conservative, appropriate attire while dancing. There is prayer before class as well. We're really looking forward to it.

Isaac is doing well. Growing like a weed! He's struggling a bit now in going down for naps as we're letting him cry a bit and soothe himself. He's such a sweet baby and I adore him to pieces.

We've really been enjoying Grandma being here and the fun things the kids have done with her. She's leaving soon and we'll definately miss her.

Loving how our character program is coming together. Can't wait to start it with the kids at breakfasts in the mornings.

Praying for that "Restoring Courage" event that will take place in Israel in the next few days. Hoping it will bring peace and not bloodshed.

Looking forward to the days cooling off, kissing extreme heat and humidity goodbye.

Also looking forward to starting our garden in two weeks. Hopefully, temperatures should start cooling down a tad and getting into the higher 70s at night. Going from the 80s into the 70s assures me that it's time to plant and things will germinate properly.

Impressed with my son's ability to build Legos! He's come up with quite some amazing things lately.

Nervous about another major recession in our country. The stockmarket continues to roller coaster and is plumiting more and more. Wondering what would have happened if "Cut, Cap and Balance" actually passed.

I have about 40 cloth diapers that I'm working on taking out the velcro seams. Cotton Babies is sending me free velcro tabs to replace them...whoopee! By the way, if you've been reading here for over a year, you'll remember that I "lost" about 20 cloth diapers awhile back. Well, they reappeared in an old squeaky dryer we were getting rid of! I was so excited when I discovered them.

Wondering if it's actually "coveting" to want to not live amongst concrete, building after building and have more space. Struggling with being content with what God has given us. Extremely grateful though.

Norah is doing well with the potty, but we still have a ways to go.

Wondering what it would be like to have a basement. So many gardening/canning books talk about food storage in your basement, but us Floridians don't know what that's like. If we kept digging, we'd hit water! Just a tad frustrated. Someone should come out with a book about food storage for tropical climates who don't have basements.

Chicken processing this weekend with good friends we don't get to see often. They splurged on a chicken plucker, so I'm excited to see how the process will work. We'll be processing 12 of our own chicks and 12 of our friends'.

Made yogurt and canned strawberry jam last night. Looking forward to enjoying them.

We have a large, sunny part of our yard that we would desperately like to use in terms of more garden space. However, it's in our front yard and I'm worried people may steal from it. We can't put up a 6-foot fence since it's our front yard and I don't want to put in hours of watering, weeding, planting and care to have people steal from it. What to do...what to do.
Any suggestions?

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