Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank you Hannah for
this awesome post today. ;)

I love how she reiterated the fact that you don't have to stock up or buy foods with major preservatives to save money. I have to amen this one because recently I tried couponing. Yes, the whole "schpeal" with the 12 folders holding 5-8 Sunday papers worth of coupons. I found it exhausting and non-rewarding. I was spending more on newspapers than I was saving on actual foods/toilitries that our family uses. There were more coupons for Centrum Silver, hair coloring products, denture adhesives, junk food (ahh, the junk food), dog and cat foods and oh, the list goes on.

I save more money when I buy 5 pounds of barley and make soup with leftover vegetables and no meat.

I save more money making my own breads (with no preservatives or high fructose corn syrup).

I save more money making my own soups (but I still buy Amy's Organic soups when I'm lazy...anyone noticed that Target sells them now and for only $2.00 and change?).

I save more money picking our own produce from local farms and drying it out, making pies and muffins from them and freezing them for breakfast shakes.

I save more money by not buying the prepackaged stuff...staying away from the middle aisles of the grocery store are 1/2 the battle know, all the canned stuff, processed stuff, etc.

I save more money by drinking a ton of good, reverse osmosis, filtered water during the day.

I save more money by paying $2.00 for a pack of 150 non-GMO, organic garden seeds and growing it ourselves than paying $2.00 at the grocery/health food stores.

I save more money making homemade laundry detergents, cleaners and hair products (much better for you too! I can pronounce all the ingredients.).

I save more money by educating myself and our children about how to graft plants and collect and dry seeds, using them for the next growing season.

On the "non-food note", shopping at second-hand stores, swapping and trading clothing with our Mom's group/family/friends and buying used are HUGE ways to save as well. My kids love going to Goodwill and picking out clothes. They get a kick out of it. Yes, we'll splurge a few times a year on an outfit or two for special holidays, but it's not an every month thing. I've been known to buy baking tools and other cooking supplies (beaters, measuring cups, silverware, glass plates/bowls, pitchers, pastry cutters, etc.) there as well.

Hannah's blog is a new one I've found myself browsing around. It's always fun finding new ideas, implementing new recipes and learning new, creative ways to do things. She clearly loves the Lord and uses her blog as a ministry as she stays at home with her 6 adorable children. Thanks Hannah for the article and tips!

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