Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Thoughts
Trying to get things done around here and time for blogging has been almost nonexistent lately. With a new baby due next month, my to do list has been extra long and I feel the pressure more than ever to get things accomplished as time grows short.

I'm trying to stay motivated and get next year's school year planned out while conference information is still fresh in my mind. I want to implement this system next year for sure, but it takes a lot of summer planning, which then takes away from all the school year planning. Thanks to Homeschool Creations for the idea! What a lifesaver!!

Garden is cleared out with the exception of a few tomato plants still giving off a bit of fruit. Inside garden lettuce ('Red Sails') is really taking off. Trying to decide if a transplant is necessary. Next steps are to get manure churned into the soil to set over the summer and fertilize. We'll be making our usual trip to the farm for horse manure and then using (of coarse) our own chicken and rabbit manures. We recently got this new composter (our two rotating ones are giving us some trouble) and I'm hoping it will help the break-down process just as well as the others did. We shall see. Dad has had this type for the past 20 years and it's all he uses. I have high hopes.

Still trying to decide if we're going to do some official lessons next year. Avonlea has a real interest in piano and plays along with her Daddy a lot, but we're going to look into formal lessons. Taking 4 little ones out, then occupying 3 of them while the oldest does her lesson at someone else's house just isn't in the cards this year. So, we've gotten a few referrals for some people that will come out to the house! Hooray for that! Heck, with the price of gas these days, it's worth it to pay a little extra. Still contemplating ballet. We have a wonderful Christian dance company in our area that is based out of a church and is run by a sweet woman. We tried it years ago, but after having Norah, it got to be too much. Avonlea didn't even miss it when we stopped in the middle of the year. We'll see though.

My addiction and cravings for anything chocolate remain constant.

School room got a good clean out yesterday. Ahh, refreshing to see shelf tops again! Papers got filed and put away into proper binders.

Made Dad's Father's Day gift this weekend. I think he'll be pumped. Still figuring out my husband's. :)

Almost done putting together our character curriculum for this year. I was able to get a good find at the homeschool conference this year that goes along with the values we'll be talking about.

Heat continues to rise here in sunny Florida. This in turn causes me to jack down our air conditioner for comfort. I remember being pregnant with Avonlea at our first little house and our air was out for a week. We had no natural shade in our yard to help cover the house from the rays and heat of the sun. Geesh! So grateful for an air unit. :)

Haven't been selling very many eggs lately. Getting a tad worried at the 24 chicks that are growing quickly and will be producing twice the amount of eggs we're used to! I guess we'll just be eating a lot of eggs, or we'll have to process some of these chickens.

I've started a hospital pile of things "just in case". It's funny to think how organized and prepared I was with our first. I had everything down to a "T", but now, I'm just trying to locate baby items, washing things slowly and seeing what we need. For our fourth, we haven't really needed much. I bought some disposable diapers the other day (cloth are really difficult to assemble on a newborn). I've washed my nursing covers, some clothing, blankets, etc. Still need a baby bathtub, but we'll probably just use a washcloth for awhile. Still trying to figure our how to place children in the car. I'll most likely put Lincoln and Norah in the back seat together (Lord, help me!

Tee-hee.) and have Avonlea be in the middle with the new baby so she can help.

Speaking of my car, I'll be getting some new tires soon and a few other things (possibly...depending on cost) fixed that have been broken for a long time...CD player, back window, back hatch that likes to fall down, air conditioning that's needing some freon and a good vacuuming.

All in all, days have been busy around here, but it's been a good busy. Nothing stressful. Just full days of fun and learning with the kids...trips to the library, we've been learning about Johnny Appleseed this week as well as crickets and grasshoppers, the letter "O", keeping up with some great reading books, creative writing assignments, math fun (time and money mostly) and Norah is simply adorable in how she likes to "do school" with her big brother and sister. She has her own little puzzles, drawing, paints, etc. she likes to do along with them and to be honest, I thought it would be really difficult, but it has been a complete joy! :) Thank you Lord.

Looking forward to keeping up with schoolwork casually over the summer. The kids really cling to their routines and although we do stay flexible, it keeps their minds alert, working and up-to-date. I always joke about how I'm not really a Charlotte Mason follower, but I do find a lot of things I do follow in her teachings. Sigh. I guess I'll admit along with "non-schooling" as well. A reader recently pointed out that I do "non-school" and I'll admit that I agree to an extent.

My guitar lessons have been at a loss lately. I had lost my notebook with my fingering positions, chords and songs I've learned. Recently, I found it so I need to get back on the ball and continue. Avonlea loves it when I play "You Are My Sunshine" (her song) and Lincoln likes to jam along with me on his own real, child-sized guitar. Norah mostly dances.

That's a wrap for now. We're going to try and make apple pie tonight for dessert, as that was one of Johnny Appleseed's favorite foods to eat. Maybe we'll wear pots on our heads as we cook too!

Blessings to you all!!!

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Taryn said...

Did you know that Johnny "Appleseed" belonged to a cult founded by Emanuel Swedenborg? Johnny Appleseed is said to have given out their tracts with apple seeds. He is considered a Swedenborgian evangelist. Also, "isn't in the cards" is suppose to refer to the occultic tarot cards/ fortune-telling cards. has character training books that I've heard good reviews about. I like their articles/book reviews. They have great books.