Monday, May 9, 2011

Ramblings on a Monday

Wowsers! Almost a whole week since blogging. I'm slackin' friends. We've got a ton going on.

Tomatoes coming out our ears from the garden. Green beans STILL coming in. Picked a whole bucket full last night. Sprinkler system working great. Rob insisted on a lawn for the backyard so that was installed this past weekend.

Had a wonderful Mother's Day...breakfast by Rob, homemade cards, a charm bracelet with picture frames for my four amazing kiddos, doctor appointment went well for Isaac and me...good heartbeat, head down, bloodwork was fine and c-section date was scheduled.

Today we'll be obtaining more canning jars as we're running out for green beans. Going to attempt making some tomato sauce with all of our tomatoes. I need to post pictures of our indoor garden which is now sprouting quickly. Homeschooling work to finish up, lots of books to read. Butter was made this morning (check). Bread to make. Laundry soap to make...the kids love helping with this one.

Lost a few more baby chicks due to a big rain storm {frown}.

Frustrated with a recent mall outing. Not a mall we reguarly go to, but wanted a change. I've never seen so many short skirts, material people, women's chests hanging out and more. I was so uncomfortable. Just another reminder of why we don't go to that mall on a regular basis. We try so hard as parents to protect our children's eyes (not to mention it makes our husbands uncomfortable) and some of our ladies out there aren't helping! So frustrating. Cover up ladies!!!

Rob hooked up a new DVD/VCR player for us this weekend. The old one must have been at least 20 years old (or so it seemed). We were due for a new one and DVDs drive me CRAZY!!! We'll have one for a week and then it's scratched and skips. Now I can throw in a DVD (just got a great one about birds from our local library that sparked a huge interest with the kids, so yes we're doing a unit on birds this week) and copy it to a VHS tape to watch over and over. So excited. (Note to self: Need to pick up some tapes!).

Getting excited about our local homeschool conference!!! I think I have everything organized 'just so' so I know what workshops to attend, what curriculum we'll be using next year and so excited for some girl time with two of my closest friends.

Hopefully, I'll get some time later on to post pictures of our new indoor garden.

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Taryn said...

Our oldest son's wife just asked for advice about homeschooling preschool,etc for their 4-year-old. To simplify it all, I wrote down Christian Liberty Press Preschool with readers(about $50), Kindergarten through CLP with some Abeka then First grade through CLP with some Abeka(art, music, health,science,history/geography), etc. I advised her to test in April/ May through Seton Testing and ordering Spectrum Test Prep(grades 1-4) through them. I,also, told her we liked the Rod and Staff readers(grades 1-4). CLP uses Modern Curriculum Press math and Bob Jones Writing and Grammar. I like Abeka's Bible Reader(2nd) and Student Bible(3rd-12th). Next month our youngest child(of 6) graduates our homeschool. I've been home educating since 1985.