Monday, May 16, 2011

Love This Girl!

Can't believe my littlest one is almost TWO!

A few successes going on the potty,



LOVES shoes, dressing up, necklaces, Mommy's makeup,

enjoys eating mango, garden green beans and tomatoes, bread, MILK, and curry,

kind and caring to her baby dolls, brother and sister,

can defend herself on any given moment,

not a fan of the church nursery...ready for her "big girl two-year-old class",

loves chickens and her bunny,

takes an occational ride on Riley (our dog),

likes to help with chores,

running through the sprinklers is a favorite past time,

has been introduced to time outs and has put herself there voluntarily at times,

likes to dig in dirt,

wants to be a "big girl" like Avonlea and do "big girl" things, but still enjoys being the baby,

my clingy Mommy's girl (I'm a little worried b/c in 7 weeks, she'll be sharing me a lot more!),

loves to take her diapers off, run around the house and say "naked Norah!",

loves art, cooking with Mommy and baking.

My sweet Norah Claire!

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