Monday, April 4, 2011

How To Sprout a Mango Seed

1. Enjoy the wholesome goodness of your fruit down to the seed pod itself. Get a sharp knife.

2. Split the seed pod open to reveal the actual seed. Be careful. 3. Peel the brown covering off of the seed. (brown covering is off the seed)
4. Wrap the seed in a very wet paper towel.
5. Place it inside a jar (I wash and save spagetti jars for drinking and things like this) on your window sill. Keep the paper towel very damp until you plant it in an actual pot with dirt. As it grows and sprouts leaves, you'll want to transplant it into some good garden soil. Be sure to keep it watered and in the safety of a porch and/or windowsill until it's quite large and needs to go outside. Squirrels and other animals would LOVE to get ahold of a juicy seed. I've lost many a mango seed this way!

Happy Sprouting!

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Douglas said...

Love it! We are doing a plant project this week too, focusing on phototropism............I have a hard time with age appropriate sci projects LOL Last week we did experiments on dissolving rates. ;)

I save mason jars too! Doug hates drinking out of them, I love it!