Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grocery Shopping Rules

Shopping with little ones can be an interesting experience, therefore we have certain rules that we MUST abide by when we're out on a shopping trip. Here are our rules that I keep in our shopping binder. We're still working on them, but the more consistent I am, the more progress I see (even if it is little by little).

1. Respect people and respect property.

2. Don't touch unless you're going to buy. Consequence = hands in pockets for a few aisles.

3. We are ambassadors wherever we go. We represent a large, Christian, homeschool family.

4. Begging = consequences when we get home. We do go over things IN ADVANCE that might be a problem during our shopping trip. For instance, if I know that my son is going to desire dried apricots, we'll add it to the list BEFORE we leave the house. If it's not on the list, we don't get it. My children generally ask ( ahem...beg) for healthy things so it's hard not to encourage it, but we still try and add it to the list before we go. We do shop at a health food store, so that dwindles down a large majority of our begging issues. What they do ask for isn't necessarily unhealthy.

5. Misbehavior drains my energy. If you wear me out while we're out and about, you'll need to help me with my work when we return home.

6. The more helpful you are during the shopping trip, the sooner we can get on with our day and do "the fun things", library trip, park, get home to make popsicles, etc.

7. Everyone helps bring in the groceries when we get home. Even little Norah can bring in the light things (puffed wheat, a bunch of bananas, etc.).

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