Thursday, April 14, 2011

Avonlea in the Garden

Avonlea has always been very naturistic at heart since she was a baby. She loves handling bugs, worms, animals and loves getting dirty with me in the garden. She has such a caring heart, not afraid to care for the runt of the chicks, nursing a plant back health and enjoys watering and getting things to grow. She sees the fruit of her labor and really takes pride in helping in the garden, especially this spring season. Norah enoys playing in the water mostly as we're watering and as long as Lincoln has his dump trucks and can roll in the dirt, he's a happy camper. {smile}

Avonlea especially enjoys fetching things for me. If I'm making a chicken roast that requires herbs (rosemary, thyme, basil, etc.), she's familiar enough with plants now to where she can go out and grab it for me. Such a blessing, especially if I'm in a hurry to get something in the oven. It's cute to see how natural caring for her bunnies and chickens comes as well. She never hesitates to help feed and water them, as well as collect eggs. Anyway, here are some sweet photos of her collecting things for that night's dinner.

(note: These photos were taken probably a month ago and the plants you see here are now MUCH bigger. It's a jungle in there!)

collecting lettuce

taking the roots off the lettuce


This is what Lincoln and Norah were doing as we were getting dinner going. :)
washing the produce We made rosemary chicken that evening.

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