Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trying to Get Organized...Seed Inventory
Sitting down with a bowl of summer corn and vegetable soup, some tea and lots of seed catalogs today. I ordered our seeds for this year and they're all in this box looking disorganized and I have no idea what in the world I have. Need to get this done today. Typed up a spreadsheet last night of the herbs, produce and wheat that we grow, they're names, sowing dates, yields and companies that carry them. Feeling much better, but still much to do. I've ordered most of our seeds through St. Clare's for spring, but fall will consist of some from Bountiful Gardens. I'm hoping that this fall, I can focus on saving and drying our open-pollinated, organic seeds. They are the only kind that you can actually save your seed from and use again and again. Others are GMO (like from the grocery store) and won't produce anything. It's the way the "big-wig" seed companies keep gardeners dependant on them. Sad really. As the years progress, it'll be harder and harder to find open-pollinated, non-GMO seeds that you can save seed from to continue the lines going.

Got our baby chicks this morning. All 35 of them! Can't wait to share pictures/video of the little darlings. Glad we got them now, as I'm predicting our egg layers to stop in the next 6 months. Then we give them away to make room for the new layers we bought today. The tally comes to 20 Dominique females, 1 Dominique male (we'll see if we're successful in breeding/hatching), 5 Delaware females for processing. I was sure they would give us males, but they didn't. Hmmm. Then Mrs. Sandy talked us into 2 Buff Orphingtons (they're so pretty!) and 1 black Jersey Giant. I really wanted some Speckled Sussex hens, but another time perhaps.

Much to do, but first I shall enjoy my soup! Have a lovely Wednesday.


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