Friday, March 11, 2011

Random Thoughts

Glad it's Friday!

Wishing peace for Libya.

Miss my husband.

Beautiful day...60s, sunny and breezy

Garden is flourishing and it's SUCH a blessing to see our hard work pay off.

Getting sad about seeing some friends move, but happy they found land and a nice home.

Praying for the people of Japan and Hawaii. Heard California didn't get hit too bad.

Three baby chicks are peeping constantly and I can't wait to get their permanent "set up" ready outside.

Thinking about what we'll do this weekend on our "Daddy Days".

Thinking about blueberry bushes and lovin' THIS SITE. Gonna go with highbush.

Front entry way needs a desperate clean up.

Saw a sweet, old friend today.

Wish I lived closer to an old friend on the other coast. Miss you Jo!

Excited about this year's homeschool conference.

Getting to know our neighbor's better and it's funny how much we have in common.

Desperate for some new dinner recipes.

Building blocks are scattered amongst our living room floor.

In need of a date night alone with my amazing husband.

Wore a SWEATER today.

Decided to order some organic cotton prefold diapers, finally. They're cheaper than Bum Genius.

My kids amaze me everyday with what they're learning. I'd say my son is close to reading and that excites me!

Love outside family dinners and BBQs.

Started egg deliveries this week and it went fabulous. Even got deposits for the whole month!

The kids thought it was so neat that you can get paid for your work. (They collect the eggs each afternoon, help feed the hens and also help take turns delivering the eggs.) It's never too soon to teach your children the value of hard work and a dollar.

Praising God for His blessings today, His mercy, love and although the world is seeing devastating things, His will is being done just as He said in Scripture.

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