Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our Day Today...Schoolwork, Getting Milk and Hydroponic Farm

Started schoolwork

Did some rearranging in the schoolroom this week and things are much more functionable.

Moved Norah's pack and play in the room so that each child takes a nap/quiet time alone and doesn't disturb anyone.

Love this idea from Homeschool Creations (blog) in place of large workboxes. I can fit all of Avonlea's 8 subjects in it and it's easily transportable to Mom's group, the park or another location that we "do school" at. :)

Norah keeping busy while I helped Avonlea. She has given up her morning nap, so she needs to be occupied while I school the other children.

Schoolwork was completed in the morning, so that left us the whole rest of the day for fun and hands on learning. We visited a farm where we get our local milk. He had 2 new calves that the kids grew attached to. A little boy and a little girl.

Behind Norah is the milking station.

A Bantam hen sitting on her 8 eggs. Mr. Lambert gave us 6 to hatch as he wants to keep the line going, but has several hawks (as well as a hungry cat) in the area. Each time she's tried to keep her babies safe, she hasn't been successful and the babies have been snatched up. So, it's up to us to try and hatch these babies for him and then return them in a few months when they're big enough to "make it" on the farm.

Future pork and bacon (the natural way!).

Mr. Lambert and Lincoln sharing some farm secrets. :)

Mr. Lambert taking the 6 eggs out of the hen's nest to give to us. She wasn't very happy.

Later on, we attempted strawberry (lettuce and spinach too) picking. Came home with 3 large Ziplock bags full for homemade strawberry shortcake and jam making.


Joy Comes in the Morning said...

It is so nice to see a farm that you can go to like that. It is clear from the pics that a relationship between your kids and the farmer is blooming. Pun intended. I would love to have a place like that for my kids to go to. Fond memories will be made I am sure.

Jess said...

So awesome. I would love to be able to go somewhere and get fresh milk. We raise our own pork last year. Our freezer is fully of pork chops, roast and pork steaks. We ate all the bacon and sausage already. Our kids love that stuff. :)

Douglas said...

Is this the farm in Ruskin? I've been wanting to make it out there.