Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indoor Gardening
We live in Florida and it's still considered "winter" in most northern states for what I can tell. I still see videos and pictures on the news of people in snow and ice. For people in "regular zones" around the world (Florida is a zone 9 and 10 = tropical), you typically have a spring and summer garden that might flow into early fall. Here in our zone, we have a fall and spring garden. We have to get things planted soon enough in January for spring so that when the heat of April really sets in (we're already in the 70s and low 80s in March), we don't loose our crops and things bolt or go to seed. Indoor gardening might be a good idea for Floridians to participate in over the summer months of April to about September.
If you're a northerner and you want to start gardening, but just can't wait until spring, these videos may be of help to you. I posted The Garden Girl's Indoor Garden series of videos 1-5 today to be of encouragement and to give you some great tips. I've actually thought of doing this myself in a small area of our living room next to a window. Hmm...what do you think my husband will say? {insert laughter here}
I've looked online at IKEA and found these shelves that might work as well as Lowe's hanging light fixtures and flourescent tube lighting. Remember that your lighting needs to have the same color balance as natural light. Patty suggests using a bulb that is 5,000 degrees Kelvin (which the above suggested link for "hanging light fixtures" has). She also suggests using a timer, but as long as you're home, you can just flip the switch. I could see if you're going on vacation, this might come in handy.

Anyway, I thought this series was fun and even if you can't get a set up going like she has, you can still use recyclable containers on your windowsills to start some seedlings. Have fun and happy gardening!

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