Thursday, January 27, 2011

Random Thoughts on Thursday

Love reading non-fiction animal books with the kids...they're hooked.

An entire day IS possible without the use of a cell phone.

Would LOVE to be able to order some National Geographic Kids videos for the kids. They'd choose that anyday over Bambi or Cinderella. :)

Make 2 dozen muffins yesterday and somehow, they're all gone. I think I got 2.

Poor chickens are living off of leftover bread and veggie scraps until I can get to the feed store for food...yikes.

Felt good to get 2 gallons of fresh milk today.

Rejoicing with a family of 5 who "made the plunge" and prayerfully followed God's leading for their kiddos.

What to make for dinner?!!! Any suggestions?

Chickens keep breaking into our porch.

Prayerfully considering a piece of property with acrage and room for our kids to roam, explore and live in fresh air. Need to test soil and water.

Loving how my nails are strong and getting longer thanks to prenatals.

Excited about how the weekend is one day away.

Anxious to put together an awesome character program for our family to follow.

Tried a new recipe last night and need to thank a friend for the idea.

Love how home-grown tomatoes smell on my counter top.

Anxious to get my seedlings planted into larger pots and thriving. Won't be too much longer.

Love reading "You Ask It Columns" on others' blogs. I get so many ideas and feel more and more like I'm not the only one. :)

Love reading "You Ask It Columns" on others' blogs and realizing that I already do most of it and sad that I didn't "reinvent the wheel". :)

Excited for our baby chicks to arrive, although very glad for our current egg production.

Been digging deep into the Psalms and trying to put myself in David's place throughout the ones he wrote. Humbling.

Feeling baby flutters already. Thankful to God for another opprotunity to carry and raise His child (and yes, we do know "what causes this" and this baby was indeed planned). For some reason, when you hit baby #4, those comments begin.

Love the beach and can't wait until it's a weekly trip again. I think the kids would live there if possible! :)

On difficult days, I love reading Galations 6:7-10 and Romans 12:2. Keeps me grounded and brings me back to why I do what I do.

Need to get back into sprouting. It got replaced with bread making. No complaints from the family. ;)

Got to catch up with a long-lost friend yesterday and her long awaited, adorable baby boy. Miricles DO happen!

Found out a way to display beautiful flowers again in our backyard so that little ones, nor poultry can attack them. Pink and gorgeous.

Wondering why commercials with cute puppies can make a pregnant girl cry!

Wondering where a certain little girl's backpack dissappeared to containing all of her school books/work. Hmmmm... let's just say we've been catching up on a lot of reading lately. :)

Wondering why the rest of America is "hunkering down" with finances and living frugally, but yet our president STILL doesn't think he should!!! More spending, more spending, more spending. When will it stop? Some decent points made the other night, but it was more of a pep-talk than sharing what he's physically accomplished (besides lovely Obamacare). More of a whine session of "China has this and China has that". Let's get out of debt first Mr. Obama and then we'll talk about building high speed choo-choo trains!!!!!

So thankful that our family is following God's lead in living debt-free.

So thankful that our church body has followed God's lead in living debt-free.

Now if we could just convince our country. Any "Amens"? :)


Taryn said...

Speaking of Bambi- I read an interesting book recently- Disney and the Bible(1996) by Perucci Ferraiuolo.

Matthew and Valerie said...

I haven't seen any NatGeo kids videos, but whenever I watch the adult channel they always say "millions of years" - a very evolutionary point of view. Matt doesn't like it when I watch NatGeo because it makes me angry that they pass lies like the truth...though most tv shows these days do. :(