Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday Madness

cookie baking with friends

picking up two 50 lb. bags of chicken feed

baking more cookies at home

a nice, quiet lunch for just Mom :)

a babysitter anxious to love on my kiddos for a few hours while I Christmas shop

a sweet phone call with hubby

Christmas lights twinkling on the tree

somehow our dog got ahold of a tin of sardines and is quietly eating them under the dining room table

I'm missing a BUNCH of cloth diapers and I don't know where they escaped to!

currently reading Sarah Palin's America By Heart and touched is the only word to explain it

had 4 baby chicks two weeks ago and now we're down to ONE...geesh

{note to self: move baby chick outside due to annoying cheeping}

need to make more tea, bread and soup

uneasy about hearing rats in our attic and seeing "evidence" of them out in the garden

kids' tree house hasn't been played in in weeks (???)

I need to mop my floors

mail man is pulling away from delivering our mail

kids are currently excited because our adopted cat (roams the neighborhood) is on our front stoop wanting milk, but they are supposed to be having their quiet time...note to self: close their blinds :)

dog is still chowing down on sardines

school room needs a dusting

flannel board Nativity pieces scattered amongst our floors

kids had WAY too much sugar this morning, but it was FUN

enjoying time talking with my Savior and reading His Word

Never felt so uneasy about the way our country is going and if you don't know what I mean (I say this with all due respect), read the news. It does genuinely bug me that so many US citizens act shocked when they hear news from friends about certain bills being passed because they don't bother to read up on it themselves. I'm not saying that I'm perfect about catching up, but the more I read up on things, the more passionate I get about our nation, our military men/women that risk so much for our freedom and our nation's direction. One day, we will have our grandchildren sitting on our knees and we'll tell them stories about what it was like when Americans were FREE. If you don't believe the following statement, (again) start reading the news! Read the Declaration of Independance. Read the Constitution. Read about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and the men that made our country great. Read the amendments. Read about speeches given at turning points in our country's history. Read about the wars and what caused them, who won and why. It's never too late to "brush up". :)

Signing off for today. Blessings to you all!

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