Wednesday, November 10, 2010

George Soros...Man of Power?
Whether you're a liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, you need to tune into Glenn Beck's FOX News special tonight to watch "The Puppet Master". It's about George Soros and his attempt to create a one world government. There have been many lunatics that have come before him and failed at taking ultimate power, but will this one succeed? I know most of you read this blog to obtain information about gardening, homeschool curriculum, family moments, etc. Maybe even to get a "warm fuzzy" (I'm not a sugar-coater if you haven't noticed). However, it is your duty to know what's going on in your country and if we want to keep our FREEDOM, we need to be tuned in and alert, be steadfast in PRAYER for those in authority and for those who have been called, get involved. As you watch FOX tonight, you can do your own research and make your own assumptions, but this is REAL and this man is POWERFUL. He has the support of Hilary Clinton and has already had numerous meetings with our very own President Obama.

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