Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fall Garden, 2010
Okay, so since I've made it known that our chickens enjoyed our salad bar of a garden this fall (oh, the things we learn!), I thought I'd share some pictures of Dad's garden. We went up for Thanksgiving and it was nice sampling some of his harvest on our plates. While others are shivering in the snow, we're still growing things down in sunny Florida. It's nice because it was a very hot summer (you can't grow anything during the heat of the summer down here) and while northerners were growing away, we were churning soil and getting it ready for fall. Anyway, enjoy!

When people ask about what to start with in gardening, I suggest green pole beans or okra. You can't kill them! :)

Citrus are getting ready for harvest after (hopefully) some cold weather.

green beans starting

green beans flowering

a little decoration makes a garden personal ;)

things growing in every square inch

beautiful, lovely compost...only a true gardener can appreciate this sight (tee-hee)

some seedlings sprouting
I couldn't resist taking a picture of our old fort where we used to play as kids. It had a secret trap door and everything!
Now on to my garden...(sigh)

a few oranges turning

I finally broke down and bought our whole family outdoor boots. I got tired of good sneakers getting dirty and going to waste. This is a photo, minus Rob.
My sad, barren garden with the acception of a banana tree, orange trees, 3 tomato plants that survived, a blueberry bush, two mango trees, some pineapple and grape vines and aloe. A few herbs survived too. Everything that was on the ground didn't survive though. I finally pulled everything a few weeks ago. It was a sad moment. Well, the positive way to look at things are that now I have more time to prepare my spring soil! :)

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