Monday, October 25, 2010

Just saying a quick "hello" today! Lots to do and little time to do it. Holiday time is quickly approaching and I'm feeling it. I've got a bunch of projects that I'm working on and I'm praying that I'm able to finish them to bless the ones I'm thinking about. And the projects are...
(drum roll, please)
1. Two Christmas stockings (for Linkster and Norah). Yes, I STILL haven't finished them and they've both had "stand in" stockings for the past few years. I'm almost done with Lincoln's and have just barely started Norah's.
2. I'm working on a project for my mom. She doesn't read my blog too often, so I think I'm safe. It's a project Dad has been wanting to do for her for years, but I think I'm skilled enough in this particular area to complete it now. It's going to take much time though and I really want to give it to her on Christmas morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will have some late nights ahead of me.
3. This year, I'm making homemade "love baskets" for my family for Christmas presents. Again, I don't think many people read this anyway, so I'm safe. :) The care baskets will contain the following:
~homemade jams and jellies
~fresh eggs
~homemade breads
~homemade cookies, fudge and other goodies
~homemade laundry detergent
~some pieces I've sewed throughout the year
~fresh produce from our garden
~and a few other odds and ends
I've started collecting baskets already (thrift store baskets ROCK and you can find some really cute ones if you look hard enough).
There will be other gifts of coarse, but I was thinking earlier this year how personal and neat a gift like this would be. Anyone can buy you a Target sweater or fun lotions, but a fun basket like this spells L-O-V-E, or at least I hope that's the point I get across. :)


Melodie said...

I LOVE this idea! I had kind of thought of doing something like it but wasn't sure what to include in the basket. How wonderful for them to receive such precious gifts hand made by you! : )

Jess said...

Wonderful idea! I am making I guess you would call them Holiday treat baskets. I am making everyones favoriate goodies and giving it to them. I am also think of making holiday napkins or ornaments to go in them.

Michelle said...

That basket is an AMAZING gift. Your family is BLESSED. Found from...raising olives??? list of cmas activities? I think