Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet 'Thanksgiving' and 'Christmas'
So, out of our 6 eggs, 2 hatched and aren't they darling? :)

The kids have been having a ball playing with them and giving them tours of our house. I couldn't refuse grabbing my camera for a chicken photo shoot yesterday when I saw where the kids were playing with their chicks. The kids have named them 'Tinkerbell' and 'Sunny', however when I asked my husband what he thought they should be called, he replied with 'Thanksgiving' and 'Christmas'. Ummm..... (pause)


Jess said...

This made me smile, which I really needed at the moment. Thank you and enjoy your chicks.

Heather L said...

You made all three of us smile this morning!!! The girls liked Tinkerbell and Sunshine better than Thanksgiving and Christmas :)