Friday, August 27, 2010

In the Garden This Week


My sweet hubby bought me some work boots weeks ago and can I just say how lovely it's been not wearing flip flops and getting my toes dirty all the time. ;)

Marigolds...nature's natural pesticide

Beautiful, lovely composted dirt

Here's one of our composters. Rob made this one and it works wonderfully. We just keep a plastic bin underneath and scoop out our compost when it's ready. Then, we dump it into our raised beds.
Good compost, should smell good and earthy, not rotten and yucky. It should be somewhat moist and very rich.

Our newest composter with new grass in it. Rob had just mowed the lawn and we threw this grass/leaves into it. I then add our kitchen scraps and tumble it a few times to get gorgeous, rich compost in just a few weeks.
Here's a little video I did yesterday while the kiddos were napping. My first 'how to' so don't laugh, okay? :) There's so much I love sharing with you, but sometimes, taking picture after picture and narrating them can be time consuming. With this video, I found it so refreshing to be done sharing all in a few minutes. Anyway, enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

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