Monday, August 23, 2010

I love...

tucking my children into a nice, warm bed at night,
splashing in puddles after we've been stranded on a family walk,
eating icecream for dinner just because,
praying with our children,
praying with my husband,
throw blankets and jammies after a long day,
running on a big, open field where there are no cars and life seems to stand still,
drinking good, organic tea,
doing my makeup and getting 'prettied up',
date nights with my love (heart),
fresh chicken and vegetable soup,
looking at family photos down our hallway and wondering when our children got so big,
listening to my husband play dinosaurs with our kids,
my label maker,
old Cosby episodes,
discovering a Bible verse or passage that I know God wanted me
to read at a specific time in my life to encourage or teach me,
sunflowers, echinacea, roses and daisies (they're so friendly, don't you think?),
family dinners together,
sea food (although lean meat, I know that 95% of it is loaded with
mercury and other yucky things and shouldn't eat it),
being there for that 'ah-ha!' moment when teaching my children,
quiet moments reading my Bible,
watching my kids learn how to ride their bikes,
homemade cards,
birthday parties at home,
cooking good food for the ones I love,
homeschool conferences,
the smell of fresh laundry,
Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick and Michael Buble,
watching dolphins nearby in our ocean,
the children's book section at the bookstore/library,
my beloved chickens (tee-hee),
the way my hair feels and smells after washing it,
listening to my husband sing and play the piano,
catching up with old friends,
garage saleing,
new school supplies,
the adoption story of a child,
line-drying clothes,
bare feet,
analyzing (sometimes my husband says I do it too much...yikes.),
my glass jars that hold my lentils, rice, dried fruits and nuts,
'small talks' with God throughout the day and knowing that He really listens and
answers prayer just how He sees fit,
fresh spinach and tomato omlets,
the smell of tea tree oil when I'm sick,
reminiscing on my childhood memories,
family board game nights,
sipping hot chocolate around a campfire with loved ones,
Christmas morning,
cloth diapering,
sunsets on the beach,
Stoneyfield's BaNilla yogurt with granola on top,
when my couch is clear of laundry,
the first precious moments meeting each of my newborn babies,
the smell of homemade bread,
canoeing down the fresh, clear waters of Florida,
picking fresh fruits, herbs and vegetables and feeding them to my family,
watching old wedding videos and revisiting that awesome day,
fingerpainting with my kids,
chunky, fun jewelry and accessories (although I never feel as though
I accessorize correctly and need lessons...anyone willing?),
getting a good deal,
homemade butter on homemade bran muffins,
Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones,
running through the sprinklers on a hot, summer day,
making cookies with my kids,
movies with popcorn (or puffed wheat, aka: Kamut),
Easter Sunday...He LIVES!!!,
reading, reading, reading,
a clean house,
Jackson Hole, Wyoming,
the ever intriguing Glenn Beck,
dark chocolate,
old, rustic houses with character,
country, Christian and classical music,
my spice rack,
fun, colorful pens,
babywearing my babies,
homemade pizza,
listening to people's different laughs,
scrapbooking (although I never have enough time to devote to it),
finding a great deal at Goodwill, especially fun, twirly skirts and neat shirts,
cute reading glasses,
riding horses,
getting something special in the mail,
our American freedom,
my amazing, beautiful children,
my handsome, intelligent, sacrificing, loyal, loving and kind husband,
an AWESOME Savior who was beaten and flogged, died a gruesome, terrible death on a rugged cross for ME and my disgusting sins so that I can spend eternity in heaven with Him.
Thinking of this day bring me goosebumps and watery eyes. We get so busy sometimes that we forget to ponder on His power, His might, His awesomeness. One day we will be amongst the angels in heaven, amongst perfection, amongst the most amazing worship, amongst saints and other amazing people who lived and walked with Christ. Most amazingly, we will be with CHRIST and see Him seated on His throne, ruling over all that ever accepted Him, all that ever rejected Him and all that ever questioned whether or not He was really God.


Tecia said...

What an amazing post! I enjoyed reading it. I got a few laughs also.

Kelli said...

What an amazing list...what wonderful things to cherish.