Friday, July 23, 2010

Grassfed Beef

Grandma, the kiddos and I ventured out to get our grassfed, organic beef this morning. It was a fun, half-day and now we have a freezer full of yummy, grassfed beef (the way cows were created to eat and digest food...not GMO-CORN).

The family grew things hydroponically which was fun to observe.

John, Avonlea and Lincoln

Going into the freezer to retrieve our meat.

Watchin' cows ;)

Norah being sweet (heart)

Grandma and Norah

This is what I found when we got home. (ahh, bliss)

Our freezer now

Tonight's dinner...STEAK!!!

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Matthew and Valerie said...

I love that you take your kids to farms. I just read that kids that go to farms are less likely to develop allergies.