Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Why You Don't Want to Buy Organic Eggs at the Grocery Store

(our girls)

Okay, so I just read THIS and must say that I'm happy I have 'my girls' out back.:)

I knew that chicken eggs from the grocery store were low in nutrients (because they've been sitting on shelves for up to 5 months), but I didn't know about the coating on the outside and how that can effect what you eat on the inside. Crazy. What amazes me is that chicken eggs from the grocery store are outrageously priced! And for what? A non-nutritional egg. At my local health-food store, a dozen of Organic Valley's cage-free, organic, Omega-3 eggs are $6.19! I don't know about your family, but we go through about 1 1/2 dozen to 2 dozen eggs a week. We make hard boiled eggs for snacks, scrambled eggs for breakfast (we LOVE spinach and tomato omlets too!) and I use them in baking like crazy. If we bought those eggs (and they're not even fresh), you'd be spending $49 and change every month! The cost of keeping chickens (never mind the fact that when they're done laying eggs you can have them processed for eating) is next to nothing. I've said it before...an 80%-90% return on a chicken! :)

So common everyone! What are you waiting for? Let's start a revolution of Backyard Chickens! (Tee hee) If you're living arrangements don't allow you to keep chickens, find someone locally who raises them and will sell you their eggs.
I still don't understand how we went from this... to this...

Sorry. The grocery aisles are such a weird concept for me, personally. I do shop at a grocery store, but as I go down the aisles (especially the frozen section where all the lights come on as you walk down it!), I cringe. I remember since I was a small child my dad growing our veggies and my mom making things from scratch. I never appreciated it then, but I sure am thankful for it now. :)

The following video is one of the 'nicer' ones I found that didn't have some of the disturbing images on it. It still surprises me that people don't care where their food comes from.

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