Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bay Leaves

Do you like to use Bay leaves for cooking and stews, but you're tired of paying McCormick $4.00 for a few leaves in a plastic bottle? I was. So, I went to my local nursery and scouted for a Bay tree. They aren't easy to find. I found one, but it was $300.00. NOT in my price range! I asked if the nursery owner was going to be doing any clippings soon of this tree and the guy grabbed a wet paper towel, clipped three small branches and sent me on my way free of charge! I thanked him profusely. I came home, used some root toner, stuck them in pots, watered them and now I have the makings of my very own Bay trees. Is that cool or what? Now when I need leaves for my cooking and stews, I'll just take a trip outside. :)

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