Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's Your Paycheck?

Ever wondered what your paycheck would be as a stay-at-home mother? Here's your chance girls. Go HERE and enter in your stats.

'Are you wondering what mom should be paid for her work as mom? has valuated the "mom job" of both the Working and Stay-at-Home Moms! Based on a survey of more than 28,000 mothers, determined that the time mothers spend performing 10 typical job functions would equate to an annual salary of $117,867 for a stay-at-home mom. Working moms 'at-home' salary is $71,868 in 2010; this is in addition to the salary they earn in the workplace.' Source:

I did the activity and here's what it showed for me...

Earnings Statement Our Family

For The year Ending: May, 2010
Job Title Hourly Rate Hours Worked
Housekeeper $9.33
Cook $12.38
Day Care Center Teacher/Homeschooler $12.14 (This is just for one child. I didn't calculate what 3 would be...tried, but something wouldn't compute correctly.)

Facilities Manager $29.52
Computer Operator $14.42
Driver $14.05
Psychologist $35.39
Janitor $9.15
Laundry Machine Operator $9.38
Chief Executive Officer $47.59

Total Value

$1,817 per week

-multiply that by 4 weeks each month and my monthly income would be
$7, 268

Annual = $87,216!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not too shabby, eh? (smile)

~This is low though because I didn't calculate 2 other children in.

I hope this put a smile on at least one mother's face today. :)

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