Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trip to Uncle Don's House
I really should let my husband tell the story, but you're stuck with me on this one (sorry). For those that know my husband, he's a story teller and a good one at that. Whenever I tell a story, I can tell that he's itching to jump in and make it funnier. Oddly enough, I never mind and it's one of the reasons I adore him so much. (love you!)
So, the story goes like this...
We were already on vacation here in Florida and we've been wanting to go visit Uncle Don's house for awhile now. We found out Rob's other brother JJ and his wife Melissa would be in town from up north, so we decided to make a day of it. It was a gorgeous day and we were driving on our way to Don and Tammie's. For starters, we received the wrong directions when our hotel Map Quested them for us. Mistake #1! Oops. Then, called Don for some directions which did NOT sound familiar to our Map Quest directions...go figure. When Don's directions didn't work, we turned to good old GPS. As we were listening to the GPS (don't you just love the voice on some of those things?), we were utterly confused. Seriously. We were LOST. You see, Uncle Don lives out in the middle of nowhere!!! We finally found a tiny, one-laned dirt road that lead us back into a forest. As we drove through this deserted forest, we finally found Uncle Don's house and boy were we excited. Finally. Whew! (smile) The funniest thing was that as we were driving to the house on the little, one-laned dirt road, we kept joking that this was somewhere where we'd love to live. No heavy traffic. No street lights. Just peaceful and quiet. Serene-like.
The visit together was so much fun. We BBQed, swam, chatted and caught up. We took pictures and got a great first tour of Don and Tammie's beautiful house. The kids played for hours and as we were getting ready to leave and litterally walking to our cars, the kids spotted the
4-wheelers! Let's just say that Uncle Don decided to show us his 4-wheeler and as we heard a loud sound, here comes Uncle Don like Batman out of his bat cave. He emerged from the garage and went speeding past us, leaving a trail of dust as a 'farewell' to us.
We had a great time and I think next time, Don, we'll start with the 4-wheelers, or at least I will! (smile)
Here are some fun photos of the day...
No Judy, I didn't find my camera, but your amazing son was able to take out the memory card and save what photos we had left. Sigh. We're still camera-less.

I think Lincoln wound up jumping off the side of the pool to Daddy for about an hour, literally.

Madelynn, in action. Go girl!

Madelynn, Norah and Izzy. Beautiful girls.

Linkster and the Zan-Man (Zander)

Iz and Norah posing

"The Boyz"...Say, does Uncle Don look tall in this photo? (smile)

Madelynn and Lincoln trying to figure out how to work the 4-wheeler.

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Judy said...

Silly me, I am sitting here at my desk at school crying (joyfully) over the wonderful pictures of you all enjoying a day at Don's house. What handsome sons I have too. The kids look like they are having a blast! Many thanks for sharing this day. It is the next best thing to being there!