Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Tecia,

If you're going to start cloth diapering, here are a few facts to know...

1. You WILL save money, especially if you're planning on having more than one child.
2. I have tried both Bum Genius and Fuzzi Bunz. Fuzzi Bunz leaked for me and although they are a snap diaper and will last longer than the velcro Bum Genius diapers, they aren't as snug a fit AND you have to buy sized diapers, meaning buying small, medium and large. I used the Bum Genius 3.0 Onesize. They fit both my infant and 2-year-old. If I'm being honest though, they no longer fit my 2-year-old. I'm now using disposables on him. He's a big boy and I bought extender velcros for his diapers, but they are tight and he's recently begun complaining about them itching his skin.
3. Many say that you need special, expensive detergent for washing them. I have found that using regular, dye-free detergent works just fine and costs much less.
4. I do use disposables when we're out and about.
5. E-bay used to let you sell used cloth diapers, however I have recently heard that now they do not allow people to sell used, only new.
6. If you just Google "buy used cloth diapers", you can come up with a shlew of websites that still sell used. Do your math though. Sometimes, (like I found on E-bay) just buying new through a local person who sells them is cheaper than buying used and paying shipping.
7. If you do choose to use Bum Genius or a velcro-type diaper, I've heard that you can order replacement velcro (if you should need it) and you can ship your diapers out for someone else to take out the old velcro and put on the new. Although, if you're a good seamstress, you could do it yourself.
8. Finally, start with a few, or find a friend who uses them and will let you borrow a couple for a few days to see if you like them. They're not for everyone. I'm just frugal, so I refuse to pay $20.00 on every grocery bill for diapers.

I hope you found this helpful and I'm flattered that you would ask for my advice. Also, click on "cloth diapering" on the right-hand-side of my site and you'll find some helpful information. May God bless your pregnancy and your sweet, precious baby growing inside you.

Happy diapering!!! :)


Jess said...

Hello, I have never left a comment but I so enjoy your blog.

I just wanted to let Tecia know that if she is looking for some cloth diapers that I have a box that I am not using and don't have anyone to give them to. If she is interested let me know and we will work something out. I don't yet know how much we will want for them and I need to get them out to see what all is in there.

Just thought I'd let you and her know.

Thanks and God Bless.


Tecia said...

Hello, Thanks so much for taking the time to give me more tips on Cloth Diapering...Girl, I love your Blog so much. I learn so much from you. It's because of your Blog, I have a home organizing binder that helps me keep track of everything. I e-mailed Jess , about her diapers. I will let you know how it goes , once the baby comes in Sept. Take care and God Bless. Tecia