Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sad Thoughts About Our Country...

I didn't even stay up late enough to see the results (I knew deep down what they'd be...sadly). I went to bed praying that God would give me patience and some sort of peace in the morning. Rob leaned over and told me that Obama had won. The future flashed before my eyes and I was speechless. So many things running through my mind, but it's out of my control (I did cast my vote on the Tuesday and that's all the control I had). I do have to say that as a positive note, I think it's exciting that a black man made it as President! Neat. What's not cool is the way he has BRAINWASHED the world (did you see all the nations jumping for joY? Since when has Japan cared about who we elect as President?). I understand that this is a big day for black Americans (I use this term only because I had a friend correct me once when I referred to her as "African American". She put me in my place by telling me that she was an American and not from Africa, even though her skin was brown.) I laughed as I watched Opera say that "Finally, there's hope". Hope for what Opera? Yes, it's awesome that someone other than a white man won. No doubt about that, but it's WHO the person is that explains why I'm scared for our country. He makes outrageous promises that both he and his campaign know they can't keep. I heard a story that other day (true story) that a landlord went to collect rent from his apartment tenants, and 6 out of his 20 tenants said that they didn't have to pay rent anymore because Obama was going to be President!!! See what I mean...BRAINWASHED!!! People are going to be so sad when they realize who Barack Hussein Obama really is. They think he's going to take care of their mortgages, their debt, their problems. Wake up people!!! He's not God! Or is that what people want to believe?

I must say that my friend Lori took the words right out of my mouth. I couldn't agree more with someone. Yes, I'll pray for Obama and his family as he leads our country for the next four years. It's my duty as an American and a Christian. I'm also scared for our nation. He has the way to influence people like no other president has before. With the internet, media, news stations (with the exception of FOX News...they're not one-sided, usually) and Hollywood backing him up, he's unstoppable. Do I think he's the anti-christ. I'm not sure 100%, but I do think he may help in weaking our country (these promises will NEVER come to be!), making it easier for the anti-christ to move in on our country. Only God knows.

The fact that our country is going to be lead by a majority-filled Democratic Senate, House and President will be interesting. I have a feeling that along the line, Mr. Obama may have some addresses to our country as President that will be disheartening, letting people know that he can't keep his promises due to the economy. People are going to continue to believe in him and continue to stand by him, believing every word and excuse out of his mouth. We need to be in prayer for our country. God's will must be done and if it's using Obama in some way or another, so be it. I'll remain steadfast in my God trusting Him and looking forward to my eternal home in heaven.

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