Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas is Coming...

Christmas is quickly approaching and we've been trying to teach Avonlea some Christmas tunes so she can sing along this year. Have I mentioned she LOVES to sing?! The girl probably knows 40+ songs (seriously). It's in her genes, what can I say? :) It's a family ritual to eat dinner and then Daddy plays the piano and we sing songs together. The video (sorry it's SO dark)is of Avonlea singing "Away in a Manger". She got a few lyrics messed up in the beginning, but I think it's because she was focusing on putting her feet on the wall next to her(?). Some sort of new gymnastics move apparently (typical around here these days...maybe I should get her enrolled for lessons...note to self - research local gymnastics places for lessons).
(Can you hear our chicks cheeping in the background?)

As for what's going on around here...

-The weather is hot (again), but we're supposed to get a nice cold front this weekend (along with possible rain).

-Rob has decided to start putting up Christmas lights this weekend (yikes!). Not that we're going to turn them on or anything (although I have seen some early birds doing this), but he wants to get a head start due to the fact that we're in a new (bigger) house that will take more strategic thought as to where all the lights will be placed. We usually go with all white lights, a few reindeer on the lawn and this year, we've thought about somehow finding a nativity scene. There's always big, blow-up Santas, snowmen, etc. to be found at Home Depot, but I've never seen a nicely-done manger scene. If you know of where to find one, please let us know. Rob actually thought of building one, but we'll see if we actually have time for that.

-Our beloved son Lincoln has officially hit the toddler era of his life. (Geesh!) He just turned 17 months old and "no" is his favorite word (I'm so serious). He wants to do EVERYTHING himself (especially if someone older or bigger than him is doing it too). This means drinking out of big kid cups (that's right, the ones with no lids and if you help him he shreeks), eating Go-gurt by himself which basically means that he's going to wear it when he's finished. People laugh when they come over to our house because he is always in a diaper and rarely clothed. People, if you could just see how dirty this boy gets, you'd understand. I'm actually saving myself laundry and mess to clean up by not clothing him. :) Don't get me wrong, I do clothe him when we're out of the house.

-Avonlea is a budding three-year-old, full of life and spunk. She reminds me so much of me. She's so kind and caring, but impatient and wants things to work the first time you try it. Things are made to work properly and they should in her and my minds. That's why technology and I aren't close friends. :) I'm lucky I have SUCH a patient husband. He makes up for what I lack.

-Our baby chicks are doing well and thriving. We have three now. We did have five, but lost two. We still have some eggs in our incubator, but hey haven't hatched yet and I'm wondering if they ever will. We'll give them a few more days though. The chicks have offically moved out on the porch in their brooding box. The cheeping is just too much. They're darned cute, but enough is enough when it comes to the noise. Avy treats them like her children. She carries them around, talking to them like a little mother. I'm wondering if she realizes that they aren't staying with us forever. That'll be the day. (sigh)

-We had a fabulous morning with Avy's friend Emily, picking oranges, making orange juice (that was some good juice!), playing outside, etc. The kids were so tired in the car afterwards that I questioned if meeting Rob for lunch was even a good idea, but we met at Panera and hello...disaster. Another note-to-self...make sure kids are in a good mood and well rested before meeting hubby for lunch!

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and a restful weekend!

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